Monday, June 23, 2008

Business Gets Green: Session II

The second session of Business Gets Green was held on June 19th at the Buffalo Museum of Science. When asked for his thoughts on the session, Bill Nowak, meeting organizer and Executive Director of Green Gold Development Corp., said:

"When we got 80 folks to the first Business Gets Green session, I was impressed. At the 2nd one there were 90 folks, the featured speakers were truly excellent, the 20 businesses that introduced themselves were fascinating, and the networking was enthusiastic and extensive."

Eric Posa, President of DocuSyst, said that the session was " of the best events that I have been to in a long time. It was very refreshing to learn about the projects and services in the Buffalo area that are helping to bring positive change."

Dave Majewski, President of Premium Services Inc. and a featured speaker, was highly enthusiastic about the session. He said "WOW on last night it was @#$%&$ WOW! How interesting and educational." As a direct result of his presentation and networking following the session, he will be partnering or working with three business as well as with UB, ECC and Daemen College. WOW!

Videos of the featured presentations:
Green Shorts: Videos of the short presentations:
A list of participating Businesses with contact information is here.

Videos of presentations are courtesy of LCTV and videographer Jon Allen.

Analysis of featured presentations by James Heaney of the Buffalo News is here.

Business Gets Green is sponsored by the Green Gold Development Corporation. Save the date for the next Session on July 17, featuring John Beckinghausen, HSBC's North American Director for Sustainability.
Reminds me of an earlier blog I wrote on sustainability that links to an informative and cute video (5 stars).

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