Sunday, July 18, 2010

PUSH creating Green Jobs in Buffalo

National organization, Green for All, is partnering with PUSH Buffalo

Green for All, is partnering with People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) to develop a "Green Jobs for Buffalo" Program. Green For All, headed by Green Jobs champion, Van Jones, J.D.,
up until March 2009, has continued to thrive under the leadership of Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO.

"When we talk about a green economy, no place is pushing us more clearly forward in the right direction, than Buffalo", said Ellis-Lamkins.

PUSH has focused its efforts in establishing a Green Development Zone to create a national model of urban revitalization by concentrating strategic investments in green-design housing rehabilitation, environmental sustainability projects on vacant land, community gardens, and other urban agriculture projects.

The Massachusetts Avenue Project is partnering with PUSH to provide local economic opportunities, access to healthy food, and social-change education.

Green Jobs for Buffalo will address community development needs and yield positive results for people, for the planet, and for profits. It will promote equitable opportunities and benefits, environmental restoration and protection, and economic growth and prosperity.

Green for All will work with PUSH to maximize opportunities for public investment in Green Jobs for Buffalo. Watch this terrific video from Green for All, feel the Buffalo pride, and support PUSH and its partners:

Visit Green for All to see: In Buffalo, Green For All Launches a Policy Proposal to Green the Community Reinvestment Act

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Environmental Summit at Daemen College

Daemen College
will host the

6th Annual Environmental Summit

Saturday, September 25

Free and Open to the Public
Exhibitors Invited

This year’s event “This Land is Your Land: Reclaiming Your Home, Your Neighborhood, Your Community" will feature speakers, workshops and panel discussions on issues related to improving our communities from housing to green space.

Opening remarks on “Extreme Home Makeover: The Aftermath” will be presented by Aaron Bartley, Executive Director, PUSH Buffalo.

Exhibitors Invited: If your organization or business is interested in reserving a free informational table, please contact Brenda Young at