Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Business Gets Green: March 19th

Business Gets Green is a monthly networking series for green businesses and businesses that want to explore going green. All are welcome and admission is Free. The next session will be held on Thursday, March 19th, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Buffalo Museum of Science [Map]. Please arrive early. Business Gets Green sessions start promptly at 5:30 and close at 7:30, leaving time for networking.

At 5:30pm, there will be one minute introductions of businesses and green organizations in attendance. Please be prepared to introduce yourself.

Marty Walters - lead organizer of the upcoming May 9th Buffalo Goes Green Expo will give brief description of how the Expo will work as part of the American Solar Energy Society conference week.

Gary Hydock talks about
Business Gets Green synergies. Video Presentation.

The 4 longer presentations at this month's meeting will be from:
1. Ravi Prasad - Helios-NRG is a premier consulting group, particularly well positioned to provide consultation on Industrial Gases production and applications, state-of the-art Separation Technologies, Clean and Renewable Energy, CO2 mitigation and several advanced topics including nano-technology, batteries, heat transfer and fluid flow. The company currently provides consultation to DOE in the area of clean fuels and is looking to develop several projects in the clean/renewable energy arena. Video presentation.

2. David Bradley - Engineering Committee Chair of the Wind Action Group on offshore wind opportunities for the Great Lakes. Video presentation.

3. Greg Stevens of the Buffalo Green Energy Corridor - on their vision for turning the South Buffalo Brownfield Opportunity Area into an exciting Green Energy cluster.
Video presentation.

4. Cyd Cox, Ecologic Home - is a Building Performance Institute accredited contractor who will give specific examples of energy audits Ecologic Home has performed showing incentives used and the savings enjoyed by customers.
Video presentation.

Short Presentations -- Videos

Video recordings of presentations at Business Gets Green sessions are shown on LCTV. To see videos of earlier presentations, visit Jon Allen's VideoWebWorks Business Gets Green Group on YouTube.

NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson is now the principal sponsor of the ongoing Business Gets Green series. However he won't be able to attend every month and won't be able to attend this Thursday, March 19th.

Questions? Please contact Bill Nowak, newly-appointed Director of Policy Research for NYS Sen.Thompson, at

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