Sunday, September 13, 2009

People United for Sustainable Housing

PUSH wins grant for Green Rehab - 9/12/2009
People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) has been awarded $1.87 million to rehabilitate 11 apartments in three vacant buildings on the West Side using green designs.
The focus on energy conservation and affordability helped secure $1.47 million from the state Department of Housing and Community Renewal, and $400,000 from the City of Buffalo. The two-to four-bedroom apartments, at 397, 398 and 460 Massachusetts Ave., will be among properties on several square blocks to also feature community gardens and sustainable projects created by the Massachusetts Avenue Project.  
“These buildings themselves will set a new standard for green, affordable housing in Buffalo,” said Aaron Bartley, PUSH Buffalo’s executive director. “We will have extensive solar electricity on two of the three buildings, and cutting-edge heating systems to reduce utility bills and carbon emissions.” Bartley said he is hopeful the project will become “a national model of neighborhood-based green development.” Read the full report by Mark Sommer in The Buffalo News.

WNY AmeriCorps and PUSH Buffalo Announce Major Inner-City Job Training Initiative 
PUSH Buffalo and WNY AmeriCorps came out today to announce the availability of 60 paid training positions in housing renovation for out-of-school individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 as well as dates for two open houses for interested applicants. The positions will be funded through the Federal YouthBuild program, which combines on-site construction training with daily GED classes for high-school dropouts in neighborhoods with high poverty rates.  
Watch a video announcing the job training program below:

Article and video from 
ArtVoice. For more information, visit the Web sites for PUSH Buffalo and WNY AmeriCorps.

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