Sunday, September 5, 2010

Corporate Recycling and ReUse on the Rise

Buffalo ReUse teams up with M&T Bank to REUSE green plaza stone

Buffalo, NY. M&T Bank is the most recent corporate citizen to embrace the green movement in Buffalo. With the rehabilitation of One M&T Plaza well underway, M&T Bank has teamed up with Buffalo ReUse, Inc. to donate and reuse over 12,000 square feet of Vermont Green Patio Stones.

Senior Vice President for Corporate Services, Keith Belanger stated, “The donation and reuse of the stone from the Plaza underscores the commitment of our bank to being an environmentally conscious corporate citizen. For us, our collaboration with Buffalo ReUse demonstrates our commitment to making a difference in the world around us. It's what 'being green' is all about.”

In the coming weeks, you'll notice a lot of activity around One M&T Plaza in downtown Buffalo, NY. M&T Bank has planned and initiated multi-year project to rehabilitate the Plaza at One M&T Plaza. The Vermont Green Stone will be replaced with a granite. The estimated completion date for the project is October 2011.

Buffalo ReUse Contact: Michael Gainer, 949-0900,

M&T Bank Contact: Chet Bridger, 842-5182

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