Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tonawanda Coca-Cola is not Tonawanda Coke

While things have NOT been going better with Tonawanda Coke, the company that produces foundry coke for the steel industry, the Tonawanda Coca-Cola bottling company hopes that the image of their Coke, the beverage that people drink, will improve.

Public awareness of toxic air pollution at Tonawanda Coke has been raised by the Clean Air Coalition on behalf of residents living near the plant. This has been widely publicized and received considerable attention, including by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, who found that emissions of benzene far exceed EPA limits and also cited the company for water pollution with cyanide. Recently, local residents have filed lawsuits claiming carcinogenic emissions from the Town of Tonawanda plant were the source of their cancer.

It turns out that many folks living in the Buffalo Area thought that the Tonawanda
Coca-Cola bottling company was the culprit cited for fouling the environment and accused of making people sick.

Tonawanda Coca-Cola bottling company wants things to go better with their Coke. They want to end the confusion and make it absolutely clear that the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Tonawanda is not Tonawanda Coke.

s past ad slogans for Coca-Cola state: "Coke is it!" "It's the real thing."

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