Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Friend in Need

Bill Nowak is well known in the local community for his outstanding character and good works. Among his many talents, he has been a leader in informing and motivating people around environmental issues dealing with renewable energy and the green economy. He was named "Environmental Citizen of the Year" in 2009 in appreciation for his dedication to environmental quality.

Bill Nowak is looking for work, since his job ended yesterday when Senator Thompson conceded the 60th Senate District election.

Bill's strengths include his work ethic, ability to communicate both verbally and in writing, leadership qualities, a good knowledge of local environmental problems and opportunities, strong contacts throughout our community and good computer skills.

A copy of Bill Nowak's résumé is posted here.

If you have any leads or ideas for Bill, please send them to him by e-mail at

Here is a link to the
"Environmental Citizen of the Year" award.

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