Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving Planet - Rally to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

On Saturday, September 24th, thousands of people across the country and millions around the globe participated in a Moving Planet Day of Action -- calling for our leaders to move beyond fossil fuels. In every nation on earth people were in motion -- powering themselves without fossil fuels. The event was sponsored by The Sierra Club and

Michael Brune, Executive Director, The Sierra Club, and Bill McKibben, Founder,, wrote in an article [1] that:
... burning fossil fuels is making us sick, strangling our economy, and fueling climate disruption. A healthy economy requires healthy people, clean air, and clean water.  
America and the world cannot afford any more inaction. We can build healthy, thriving communities and create new jobs by moving beyond fossil fuels and investing in clean energy, like wind and solar, that already has created millions of American jobs.

On Sept. 24th, at over 2000 Moving Planet events in more than 175 countries, people walked, ran, biked, canoed, kayaked, danced and moved under their own power in other ways without relying on fossil fuels. For examples of some events, have a look at the video below:

There were four Moving Planet events in Western NY, three in Buffalo (University at Buffalo, Daemen College, & Buffalo State College) and one in Orchard Park.  To view some photos of the events click here .
To see a selection of some of the many photos from events around the world, click here.

[1] "Time to Move -- Beyond Fossil Fuels" by Michael Brune and Bill McKibben.

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