Monday, February 6, 2012

The True Cost of America's Gas Rush

In an effort to promote drilling, the gas industry has repeatedly stated that hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') is safe, without acknowledging that the current technology is new and unconventional. The wealthy industry influences popular opinion through TV and press ads that promote shale-gas drilling, touting only the economic benefits. 

But what about the costs incurred when unconventional drilling occurs close to places where people live and farm? How does shale-gas drilling and fracking affect the well-being of homeowners and rural communities? How does this chemical-laced and water-intensive process affect the quality and quantity of their drinking water? What will become of the toxic and radioactive wastewater? Are there risks to human health, now or in the future?

You can read all you want about the costs of the gas rush, but there is nothing like seeing with your own eyes and hearing from affected people about the impacts of unconventional shale-gas drilling. 

The video below is an investigative report on shale-gas drilling in Pennsylvania communities, where drilling has been going on for over 3 years. Please watch it and share this link - - with your friends.


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