Friday, January 10, 2014

Poloncarz Approves Fracking Ban in Erie County

The law bans fracking on all land owned by Erie County

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BUFFALO, N.Y.- Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz approved legislation Friday to ban hydraulic fracturing on all lands owned by Erie County. 

"Protecting our land and water resources is important to preserving our heritage," said Poloncarz in a statement on his decision to approve the local law. 

The Erie County Legislature passed the fracking ban in December by a 9-2 vote. The ban also received overwhelming support in public hearings leading up to the vote. 

A moratorium on fracking has been in effect throughout New York State since 2008 but Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet announced if he will ban the practice altogether. 

If Cuomo decides to lift the moratorium, fracking would only be allowed on all privately owned land and non-county owned sewage treatment facilities in Erie County.

Poloncarz approves fracking ban on county-owned land

Report from WBFO:

One local anti-fracking group says it is pleased with the county executive's approval.

“We’re relieved that County Executive Poloncarz paid attention to the thousands of Erie County residents who spoke up in favor of a ban and the bipartisan group of Erie County legislators who voted in favor of it. The evidence is clear – fracking and its waste brings unacceptable risks of water contamination and health impacts. Erie County and the other counties statewide that have voted for a ban are sending a clear message to Governor Cuomo – that all parts of New York want him to ban fracking," said Rita Yelda of Food & Water Watch and Western NY Drilling Defense.

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Poloncarz stated “I am approving Local Law Intro. No. 4-2013 based on the demonstrated support of the public, as well as the support shown by a majority of Erie County legislators who expressed their concern about hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and disposal of fracking waste in Erie County. 

He added that the law "bans it on County-owned lands such as Parks, in addition to prohibiting the acceptance of fracking waste at Erie County-owned sewage treatment facilities."

He concluded that "...the overwhelming and vocal public support for such a ban cannot be ignored."

Link to the full statement at the Erie County website.

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