Monday, March 10, 2014

Businesses Call on Cuomo to Support Renewable Energy

Businesses Call for Winds of Change
50 Local Businesses Call on Cuomo to Support Renewables
WHAT: Buffalo business owners and the Sierra Club will unveil a list of 50 local businesses calling on Gov. Cuomo to boost wind energy across the state,

WHO:  Tom Fleckenstein, Owner, Niagara Wind and Solar
              Michael Murphy, USW 8823
              Lynda Schneekloth, Chair, Sierra Club Niagara Group
              Charley Olena, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Organizer
WHEN: 11am on Thursday, March 13th

WHERE: 237 Main St, Suite 1200, Buffalo, NY
    Institute of Labor Relations School, Cornell University

WHY:  With questions emerging about the viability of power production from sources like the Huntley Coal Plant and the draft of the New York State Energy Plan up for public comment, the Sierra Club has been ramping up efforts to support wind and renewable energy.  More than 50 local businesses have come out in support of boosting wind energy across the state, as a way to support our economy and provide good jobs.

Projects like the Riverbend Clean Tech Hub and Steel Winds are just a hint of what is possible in a clean energy economy for Western New York.  Join businesses, concerned residents, and public officials to call on Gov. Cuomo to make New York a leader in clean energy production through wind.

Contact: Charley Olena 716-870-4555,

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