Monday, April 21, 2014

Community Input: Return Brownfields to Productive Uses

Share Your Ideas on How to Transform Buffalo's Brownfields.
The Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program enables communities to put strategies in place to return dormant brownfield sites back to productive use while simultaneously restoring environmental quality.

The City of Buffalo is currently undertaking three BOA studies -  Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo River Corridor, and Tonawanda Street Corridor.

The upcoming open houses will give citizens an opportunity to review the work to date for each BOA, and to help identify strategic sites for the development of more detailed master plans.
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Buffalo River Corridor BOA Open House          
April 22, 2014 6PM - 8PM
Old First Ward Community Center
62 Republic Street
Tonawanda Street Corridor BOA Open House
April 23, 2014 6PM - 8PM
Riverside Institute of Technology
51 Ontario Street
Buffalo Harbor BOA Open House
April 24, 2014 6PM - 8PM
Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy
315 Carolina Street  


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