Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FLASH MOB for People's Climate March - Friday at 6:30pm

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Join us on Friday, Sept. 12 at 6:30PM on Elmwood Ave. & West Ferry St. in Buffalo for a FLASH MOB to invite the public to Get on the Bus for the People's Climate March in NYC!

The choreography is easy and civil. Participants holding orange buffalo cutouts (see image - we have 100 of them) will walk across the street at the intersection when permitted by the lights for just 10 minutes. And then we’ll stop.   

While we cross the street, we’ll be handing out postcard ads for the People's Climate March to be help in New York City on September 21st.

Please come and invite your friends! It will be fun and effective!

Did you know that 1000+ Organizations are Partnering with the People's Climate March? Click Here to see the list.

Update - Sept. 12:  Peoples Climate March & Flash Mob  
Interview: Lynda Schneekloth, Chair, Sierra Club Niagara Group. Read the interview at Buffalo Rising

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