Friday, October 17, 2014

Protect a Lake Erie Nature Preserve and Public Park from Private Development

Please Sign a Petition to Protect an Existing Nature Preserve and a Public Park on the Lake Erie Shore

Extensive private development (grey buildings, above) has been proposed along Times Beach Nature Preserve (left), an important resting area for migrating birds, and in Wilkeson Pointe (right), the popular wind-sculpture park built with Public Funding last year.

Times Beach Nature Preserve and Wilkeson Pointe are part of the Buffalo Outer Harbor on the Lake Erie shore, as shown below [click image to enlarge].
Developers' Building Plan

This waterfront property represents a significant aspect of our national heritage and it should be protected for public access as well as for historical, environmental, and educational purposes. Proposals to this effect have been put forward by several citizen groups, but current developer proposals still appear to be fast-tracked for approval.

Please support efforts to save this valuable property for our prosperity.

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UPDATE: The Buffalo News, Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014 - Nature Watch: Outer harbor land should be dedicated to public access, By Gerry Rising

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