Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Call on Obama for Bold Action at UN Climate Talks in Paris


A diverse group of people in Western New York are involved in a campaign for climate action and justice. Recently, over 300 citizens rallied in support of the campaign in Buffalo.

Now, we want to draw attention to President Obama who will play a major role in the outcome of the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris. 

With your help, we want to send out huge numbers of a message using social media. In the message, we call on President Obama for bold cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at the UN Paris Talks to protect people and the planet.

You can view our message in context by clicking on this link http://thndr.me/3mTlLv. To support the message, simply click the Facebook or Twitter button and agree to support. 

That's it. Done. Easy!

With your support, our message will be greatly amplified. Also, the message from every supporter will be released at the same time through the Thunderclap website, creating a virtual 'thunderclap' on social media.

The release is scheduled for 1:00 pm on Friday, October 23, the day before United Nations Day. Check for the 'thunderclap' on Facebook or Twitter after 1:00 pm on Friday.

Please help us do this. Thanks!

The Rise Up for Climate Justice Campaign

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