Monday, May 23, 2016

VIDEO & SLIDESHOW: Albany Rally to Break Free from Fossil Fuels

By David Kowalski

Members of the Climate Justice Coalition of WNY, the Sierra Club Niagara Group as well as concerned citizens rode a bus from Buffalo to a Rally in Albany on May 14, 2016 calling on NY State to end our dependence on polluting fossil fuels and shift to clean, renewable energy.

This rally was part of Global Actions held on six continents and in several U.S. cities during that week. People around the world stood up to say to say Break Free from Fossil Fuel and Keep It in the GROUND!

We joined over 1000 concerned citizens in Albany to say NO to new fracked gas & oil pipelines and NO to explosive oil trains ('bomb trains'), whose risk of derailment is threatening the safety of our communities in Buffalo, Albany and elsewhere in the state.

We said YES to Clean, Renewable Energy necessary to end global warming pollution, curb climate change, create new jobs and ensure justice for communities at risk.

Here is a 1 minute MUSIC VIDEO made from photos that I shot at the rally:

 Music credit: "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse band

Below is a link to a SLIDESHOW that contains photos and a few video clips of the rally and the march to the railroad tracks at the Port of Albany.

To access the SLIDESHOW, Click Here

HINTS for navigating the SLIDESHOW after you open it:
- Hover the mouse pointer over a photo to see the Caption.
- Click on a photo to view it, and Click again to Enlarge it to full size.

Environmental activists from around the region march down Pearl Street to the Port of Albany on Saturday, May 14, 2016, in Albany, N.Y. The demonstration delayed oil train traffic at the Port of Albany to raise awareness for the region's opposition to all fossil fuels. The event was part of a weeklong global effort called Break Free From Fossil Fuels. (Photo: Cindy Schultz / Times Union) 
Press coverage: Albany protest: 5 arrested after oil train delayed
ALBANY — A daylong effort to block crude oil trains brought hundreds of people near the Port of Albany, where they sat on train tracks and listened to speeches, sang and discussed nationwide and local environmental issues.
The Albany event on Saturday, organized by the coalition Break Free From Fossil Fuels, was one of several around the country and world this month.

Read more in the online report at the Albany Times Union: Click Here

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For a livable climate and a just transition to renewable energy, 
 fossil fuels must be kept in the ground!

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