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EVENTS: Vigil for Explosion Victims - Gas Pipeline Meeting - New Yorkers for Clean Power

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Vigil to Remember Victims of Lac Magantic

When: Wednesday, July 6 from 5 PM to 6:30 PM

Where: People's Park on Main St, near Jewett Pkwy. (next to railroad tracks and near the Tri-Main Building). People's Park is adjacent to the railroad tracks that course through Buffalo's Parkside Community. Those tracks carry manifest trains that sometimes have 20+ DOT-111 tanker cars carrying explosive Bakken crude oil.

Why: On July 6, 2013, an unattended bomb train rolled down a 7 mile long hill and derailed at 60 MPH in downtown Lac Megantic Quebec, killing 47 people, and two others, who committed suicide at a later date -- one was a first responder who had pulled the body of his ex-girl friend from the ashes.

Explosive Bakken crude oil is carried daily through Buffalo by rail.

Names of the victims of Lac Megantic will be read to remind people that it's not a matter of if a similar accident will happen again, but when.

Sponsors: WNY Drilling Defense, Environmental Justice Task Force of WNY Peace Center and Sierra Club Niagara Group.

Funded in part by grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and the Sierra Club Niagara Group

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