Sunday, April 20, 2008

In the NEWS 4/20

Going Climate Neutral
by Walter Simpson
It's possible to adopt an earth-friendly lifestyle. Learn about your carbon footprint and how to conserve energy at home to reduce your impact on climate change, click here.

Global Warming is Melting our Children's Chances

by Gerry Rising
Brief summary about the causes and consequences of global warming, click here. Includes a tribute to Walter Simpson. Contact information for UB Green and climate change presentations: 829-3535 &

Buffalo must become more Bike Friendly
by Robin Douglas

A Greener way to keep it Clean
New detergent products claim to be safer than those currently under the kitchen sink, click here.

The Dawning of EARTH DAY
TIME Magazine, April 27, 1970: Ralph Nader was at SUNY Buffalo, read more here.

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