Sunday, November 30, 2008

In the NEWS 11/29

West Valley cleanup could take 30 years - 11/27/2008
Phased shutdown is one of four alternatives unveiled in Department of Energy report
WASHINGTON — State and federal agencies are recommending a phased shutdown of the West Valley Nuclear Demonstration Project, a process that will take 30 more years.
Their report leaves many crucial issues unsettled, including which level of government is ultimately responsible for cleaning up the site and where radioactive waste would be shipped.
The full article by Douglas Turner is here.

Insulating your windows - 11/28/2008
Your Utility Bills by James Dulley
The savings from installing insulating shades and/or curtains often provides a much faster payback than expensive replacement windows.
The additional insulating value from indoor window coverings can range from R-1 to R-5, but the insulation is only part of the story. Insulating shades which have the edges trapped in vertical side tracks are most effective. This reduces the room air flow around the shade and across the cold glass. Read more here.

Pedestrians and bicyclists get place in road plans - 11/28/2008
Nondrivers vital to green road mind-set
Bicyclists, walkers and people pushing baby strollers have a right to the road, some green-minded people say, as they urge Erie County and City of Buffalo officials to see streets as paths for people, not just vehicles.
“The whole idea is to make sure that if people are walking and cycling, they are provided with a safe place to do so, and that we think about people before thinking about moving automobiles from Point A to Point B,” said Justin S. Booth, director of Green Options Buffalo.
The full article by Matthew Spina is here.

Everybody's Column
- 11/29/2008
Devise a plan to repair tattered infrastructure
"How about a “big idea” plan to bring our electrical grid into the 21st century? And include in the plan the requirement that all materials, parts and machinery be produced in the United States and that one must be a U. S. citizen to be employed by this massive endeavor." The full letter is here.
~Art Borgeson

Timing traffic lights will help fuel efficiency
"It is increasingly frustrating to do everything I can to practice fuel-efficient driving and still have to stop at nearly every single light. It’s time for better design so we can eliminate part of our dependence on oil." The full letter is here.
~Leslie Latham

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