Sunday, April 5, 2009

In the NEWS -- 4/5

Power to the People of Upstate NY
The NY Times - 4/3/2009
A consortium of private investors that sought to build high-voltage electricity transmission lines to carry power from renewable sources Upstate to New York City said on Friday that it was suspending its efforts. The NY Times report is here.

Wind turbines could more than meet U.S. electricity needs
Los Angeles Times -- 4/3/2009
Arlington, Va. -- Wind turbines off U.S. coastlines could potentially supply more than enough electricity to meet the nation's current demand, the Interior Department reported Thursday. The biggest wind potential lies off the nation's Atlantic coast, which the Interior report estimates could produce 1,000 gigawatts of electricity -- enough to meet a quarter of the national demand. The full report is here.

Offshore windpower is also feasible inside the U.S. on the Great Lakes. Video discussing the possibility of Offshore Windpower on Lake Erie is here, presented by Dave Bradley.

Environment is focus of gathering
Community -- 4/5/2009
The third Environmental Congress is helping chart a regional environmental agenda. Over one-hundred organizations gathered at the Buffalo Museum of Science to collaborate and form a strategy as part of the Western New York Environmental Alliance, an initiative of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. “Having a healthy environment will make our region more valuable,” said Cara Matteliano, the foundation’s vice president for program, citing the region’s assets of wind and water energy. “We can have a tremendous economic impact depending on how we treat our environment.” Read the report by Karen Robinson in The Buffalo News.

Obama team takes its climate change agenda abroad
AP - 3/28/2009
The Obama administration has a single mission as it heads to the climate change negotiating table for the first time: convincing other countries the United States cares about global warming. After eight years on the sidelines, the U.S. delegation's new leadership says it is ready to assume a central role in crafting a new agreement to slash greenhouse gases. But whether the world's second largest source of heat-trapping pollution will be ready to sign onto a new deal by the end of the year could depend on Congress. See the report in The Buffalo News.

National official to head panel on climate change
League of Women Voters - 4/5/2009
The national president of the League of Women Voters will be the main speaker at a panel discussion in Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buffalo State College on April 30. Mary G. Wilson of New Mexico, an attorney and small-business owner, will head a discussion titled: “The Heat is On —Climate Change and Emerging Policies.” Panelists include moderator Bob Shibley, along with Kristin Campbell, David Kowalski and Kate Foster. The event will also honor the late Taffy Tarbell, a longtime League activist. See the story in The Buffalo News.

Hot Planet - Sunday, April 5, 9:00 pm - TV: Discovery Science channel
The effects of climate change -- massive storms, super-fires and rising seas -- are potentially catastrophic. But they are not yet inevitable. This film looks at the future of global warming, and what man -- and science -- can still do to stop it.

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