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HydroFracking News Briefs

Excerpts from articles in the news and blogs

NY State Won't Fund Hydrofracking Health Impact Study
By David Kowalski
April 4, 2012

The $132,600,000,000 budget passed by New York State last week did not include funds for a $100,000 study intended to protect the health of NY residents from the fallout of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) already seen in other states. 

Many lawmakers, as well as the governor and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), seem bent on moving forward on unconventional shale-gas drilling. Sadly, they ignored sound advice from 250 physicians and healthcare/scientific experts who recognize the lack of a Health Impact Assessment as a major flaw in the DEC’s draft hydrofracking regulations. 

Senator Mark Grisanti said "It's very difficult to do a health study on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in NY state when it's not occurring here."

Read the full article here and see a video by Dr. Sandra Steingraber entitled "Will NY Regs on Fracking Protect Our Health?"

Another Voice / Hydraulic fracturing
New Yorkers have a right to know the health impacts
By Lois Marie Gibbs and Larysa Melnyk Dyrszka
April 10, 2012

New York State may be on the verge of allowing fracking on a large scale across the state. Yet, despite all of the information indicating that there will be negative impacts on our communities and public health from fracking, our elected officials have not yet studied the potential health impacts to identify the risks involved.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has stated repeatedly that science will drive New York’s decision on whether to proceed with this extreme form of fossil fuel extraction. But on the issue of health, the science hasn’t been done. The New York State Assembly has called for an independent health impact assessment on fracking by including an appropriation in its budget proposal. The State Senate and the governor should follow suit and ensure that this critical study is funded in the final budget.

As chairman of the Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee and member of the Budget Conference Committee, Buffalo’s own Mark Grisanti has a critical role to play. He can and should fight for this appropriation in the Senate and the governor’s office.

Read the full article at

Grisanti proposes fracking safeguards
Bill would prohibit treatment of water at public facilities
By Charlie Specht
April 7, 2012

State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti on Friday announced legislation that would prohibit treatment of water from hydraulic fracturing at public facilities statewide, create a tracking program for the waste and enact other environmental safeguards.

But Grisanti, chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental Conservation, said he would not support or oppose the controversial gas drilling process until the state completes its final environmental impact study.

“It’s preliminary,” he said. “It’s too early to tell.”

As Grisanti was confronted by environmental activists demanding a complete ban on fracking, his chief political opponent called for more education on the issue before any action is taken.

“We need to see the full scope of their final draft of regulations before we rush to start the drilling,” former Erie County Legislature Chairman Charles M. Swanick said as he urged consideration of alternative energy methods.

Read the full report at and see a video of Sen. Grisanti's presentation and the reactions of fracking opponents including Rita Yelda of Food & Water Watch.

Links to Press Releases

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By Mark Grisanti  - April 4, 2012
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