Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Youth for a Just & Sustainable World - Be the Change!

Generation Waking Up is a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a Thriving, Just, Sustainable World. 

The Video below is part of the 'Generation Waking Up Experience', a multimedia educational workshop that inspires young people to transform their lives and communities. The video is awesome! Check it out:

Below are a couple of upcoming campaigns that young people can get involved in to help make change happen:

PowerShift NY: Shift from dirty Fossil Fuels to clean, Renewable Energy.
Power Shift NY will be held in Albany on April 27-29.
Don't miss the amazing speakers like Bill McKibben (environmental author and activist, founder), Josh Fox (Gasland filmmaker and activist), Sandra Steingraber (biologist, author, and environmental & children's health advocate), and others. Check out the Conference and Register here. Spread the word! - Connect the Dots: is launching a Global Day of Action to connect the dots between fossil fuel extraction, climate change, and the extreme weather that has reshaped so much of the American landscape this year. Take action on May 5, 2012! 
Rally, educate, document and volunteer along with thousands of people around the world to support the communities on the front lines of the climate crisis. To learn about events in your area, or to start your own event, Click Here. Invite your friends!

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