Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tonawanda Coke Plant Manager Busted!

Tonawanda Coke official accused of environmental crimes
An official at Tonawanda Coke Corp. was charged in federal court with three counts of violating environmental laws.

Tonawanda Coke’s environmental control manager facing federal charges

After a raid on Tonawanda Coke last week, federal prosecutors Wednesday arrested the plant’s environmental control manager.

Top Official at Tonawanda Coke Arrested
Press Release From U.S. Attorney's Office

Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
The actions taken against Tonawanda Coke for the sake of the public health in our community were the direct result of important work done by the Clean Air Coalition. They are becoming a powerful voice for environmental justice in Western NY, and they need your support to continue and expand their work.
Please consider becoming a member and making a donation. Your membership will allow the Clean Air Coalition to keep the community up to date, support new research efforts and make sure our community’s voices are heard by those who have the power to make change.

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