Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Lookin’ at it": A Nature Show, with a Twist

Episode 3 – Winter Survival, Part II
By Jason Mazurowski

When we last left our protagonists, they had split up to explore the different aspects of winter survival by experiencing them first-hand. Matt was braving the elements and searching for unfortunate hibernators, Jason set out to discuss the matter from a geologic perspective, and Steve was learning about survival strategies with Scott from Earth Spirit Educational Services.

Matt’s search for food is proving to be more exhausting and less fruitful than he’d hoped, and he’s beginning to pay the price. Jason is attempting to find some use for his geologic expertise, but decides that perhaps this isn’t the best time to give an introduction to geology. Meanwhile Scott and Steve discuss the practicality of finding hibernating animals in their dens and the morality of plucking them from their torpors to munch on.

While the “Lookin’ at it” crew advises that everyone get outside and explore the wonders of winter for themselves, we ask that you don’t go about it the way we have – our stupidity is mostly a farce crafted for your comedic pleasure. And as always, no animals, plants, or fungi were harmed in our educational romp through the forest.

If you’d really like to learn about some of nature’s fascinating survival strategies, we recommend reading Winter World by Bernd Heinrich. One of the greatest nature writers of our generation, Heinrich brings the intricacies and complexities of nature to the general audience in a way that no one else can.

Once again, this episode features music by Jason Tyler Burton and educational support from Earth Spirit Educational Services.

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